Sunday, June 10, 2007

Web 2.0 logo creator

Alex P created this amazing applicaton to create web 2.0 logos

Here is how to do itreplace :(enter the word here) with your desired letters and copy that link .
for eg. the code for the image above is:

With beta tag(reflection):

With beta tag(no reflection):

Without beta tag(reflection):

Without beta tag(no reflection):

HTML for the above code:

img src="image link" alt="Generated Image" src="code" /
for eg

img src="" alt="Generated Image" /

note: put < in the beginning and > at the end of HTML code

BB code for above:
[img](image link)[/img]

now copy these links and put them wherever u want.
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Weezo said...

You can use:
Online logo maker service.
I use this to make professional glassy logos with more than hundred fonts to choose from.
It has alot of options to customize the logo according to the requirements.