Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vote for Taj: Vote for India

Did you vote for your favorite singer in "Indian Idol", "SaReGaMaPa", "Voice of India" or that other show that was televised. But does your matter.
Did you vote for something that had impact on our National Pride???
DId you Vote for Taj Mahal???

Less than 4 weeks left this is the last chance for us to make Taj Mahal be recognised as what it truly is, "Symbol Of Love" & "Pride of every Indian"

If you do not vote for Taj today you might think ten years down the line that
" Why did I not not do it ?"

VOte For Taj Mahal today

How Can You Vote?

Mobile Phones: From cell phone type TAJ and send it to 4567


Landline (only BSNL and MTNL):

* For places other than Delhi/Mumbai: Dial '1255545' (only for BSNL landline/mobile)

* For Mumbai: Dial '127777' (for MTNL landline subscribers from Mumbai). Dial '1255545' (for MTNL Mobile subscribers from Mumbai)

* For Delhi: Dial '12555' (for MTNL landline subscribers from Delhi). Dial '1255545' (for MTNL Mobile subscribers from Delhi).

(Please note that from India, only votes that are sent via the above will be counted! So, go right ahead and help save India's pride!)

At least one Indian cares about Taj mahal who from his own pocket has launched campaigning for voting of Taj

I salute you Mr. Rehman, Thank You

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