Friday, June 18, 2010

Soccer Funny Videos

With the FIFA 2010 Soccer mania on, we have compiled a few funny Soccer related videos from Youtube for you all.

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Soccer Video 1
Amazing - 2 goals in 30 secs

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meet the Singhsons : The simpsons if they were born in India

The Singhsons in India, starts almost identically to The Simpsons, with the opening scene set inside Singhfield School in Miss Ramchundri's Maths Class where Bartinder "kiss my kacha" Singhson is seen inside.. As seen on Hitachindia TV


:: Bartinder Singhson (Bart Simpson).. writing lines.. "I am not the love child of Ghandi"..

:: Omar Singhson (Homer Simpson).. on his way home from work

:: Mar Ji Singhson (Marge Simpson).. cooking inThe Simpsons home

:: Lisajit Singhson.. (Lisa Simpson).. playing saxophone in Miss Ramchundri's Music Class

:: Mugglie Singhson.. (Maggie Simpson).. reading Arranged Mariages for 3 Year Olds

::The Singhsons is a sHaMoZzLe Video Vault Award winning video parody created by Aaron Pendland of Pendland Creative:: in Portland, Oregon:: to showcase the creative talent of Pendland Creative. The Singhsons fast became one of the earlier hits for the sHaMoZzLe Video Vault network, and is one of the most successful television show video parodies ever produced. The video is one of a proposed spin off series of animated video shorts originally aired on the internet. The Singhsons is a satirical parody of the Middle American Lifestyle Epidemic (aka M.A.L.E.) sweeping India, epitomized by its title family. It lampoons many aspects of the human condition, as well as the new American Commercial Culture Society in India, being famous for its frequent use of self referential humour and meta references from The Simpsons::

::The Singhsons has also had a significant influence on post-Cold War popular culture. Many of its catchphrases are already becoming famous, and the video has also been cited as an influence on many proposed adult-oriented animated Indian parody spin-offs of South Park and Family Guy::

::The Singhsons is based on The Simpsons.. the longest running American sitcom, and the longest-running American animated program, to date since it debuted on the 17th December 1989::

::A proposed feature length movie of The Singhsons has been recommended by Mervyn E. Skilton (creator of The Skiltons).. and is now being talked about:::

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Entire Prison in Philippines Re-enacts Thriller Music Video

1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice! This is not the final routine, and definitely not a punishment! just a teaser.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pakistani talent on America's got talent

Here is something that caught my eye and , i loved it.

Though i m an indian and many of so called patriots in our country have prejudices with our pakistani counterparts,but not me" i love them".

Ths guy caled Kashif Memon showed that pakistanis can dance to the tune of Bollywood(though he is no match for Hrithik Roshan ) but this was something that showed how much popular bollywodd is in pakistan and even ROW.

BTW the judges were amazed to see such dancing and would probably be comparing it with MJ but if they ever saw Hrithik Roshan in action they would understand what passion is all about. enjoy


Las vegas(round 2)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple Iphone Parody

This informative Iphone commercial shows how it would be used by a giant Squid monster.

If you want a free Apple Iphone leave a comment with your names and e-mails and i willsend u free Iphone giveaway link.

What is Apple Iphone?
The iPhone is a multimedia and Internet-enabled mobile phone by Apple, announced by company CEO Steve Jobs during the keynote at the Macworld Conference & Expo on 9 January 2007, that was released on 29 June 2007 in the U.S.

The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone, a multimedia player and mobile phone. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, text messaging, web browsing, Visual Voicemail and local "wi-fi" connectivity. User input is accomplished via touchscreen with virtual keyboard and buttons. The iPhone is a 2.5G quad-band GSM phone, though Jobs mentioned in his keynote that Apple has a "plan to make 3G phones" in the future.

The iPhone is available from the Apple Store and from AT&T Mobility, formerly Cingular Wireless, with a price of US$499 for the 4 GB model and US$599 for the 8 GB model, based on a two-year service contract. Apple intends to make the phone available in Europe in Q4 2007 and in Mexico, Australia and Asia in 2008.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Gerald Levert (July 13, 1966 - November 10, 2006) was an American R&B singer, one of several from the musical Levert family. His father, Eddie Levert, is the lead singer of the 1970s soul group The O'Jays. Gerald Levert sang with his brother, Sean Levert, and friend Marc Gordon in the R&B trio LeVert. He was also a part of LSG, an R&B musical group comprising Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, and Levert.

Gerald Levert passed away due to an apparent heart attack caused by an accidental mixture of over-the-counter and prescription drugs on November 10, 2006. Sister 2 Sister magazine reported that Gerald and his father had just returned from a 10-day trip to South Africa where they had met with Nelson Mandela and were treated like royalty. Upon Gerald's return, he was excited about his upcoming album, which was later released February 13, 2007 entitled, "In My Songs." Levert died in his sleep.

On December 7, 2006, it was announced that Levert, along with soul legend Chaka Khan, gospel singer Yolanda Adams, and R&B crooner Carl Thomas were nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best R&B Performance by a Duo Or Group With Vocals for their collaboration on "Everyday (Family Reunion)", a song from the soundtrack of Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion.

Solo Albums
1991 Private Line (#1 R&B, #48 Pop)
1995 Groove On (#2 R&B, #18 Pop)
1995 Father & Son (#2 R&B, #20 Pop)
1998 Love & Consequences (#2 R&B, #17 Pop)
1999 G (#2 R&B, #8 Pop)
2001 Gerald's World (#2 R&B, #6 Pop)
2002 The G Spot (#2 R&B, #9 Pop)
2003 A Stroke of Genius (#1 R&B, #6 Pop)
2004 Do I Speak for the World (#7 R&B, #29 Pop)
2005 Voices (#27 R&B, #115 Pop)
2007 In My Songs (#1 R&B, #2 Pop)

Albums (Levert)
1985 I Get Hot
1986 Bloodline (#8 R&B, #192 Pop)
1987 The Big Throwdown (#3 R&B, #32 Pop)
1988 Just Coolin' (#6 R&B, #79 Pop)
1990 Rope A Dope Style (#9 R&B, #122 Pop)
1993 For Real Tho' (#5 R&B, #35 Pop)
1997 The Whole Scenario (#10 R&B, #49 Pop)

Albums (LSG)
1997 Levert.Sweat.gill (#2 R&B, #4 Pop)
2003 LSG2 (#3 R&B, #6 Pop)

Albums (Gerald & Eddie Levert)
1995 Father & Son
2007 Something To Talk About

Top R&B Singles
1986 Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop (Goes My Mind) (#1 R&B) (Levert)
1987 Casanova (#1 R&B, #5 Pop) (Levert)
1987 My Forever Love (#2 R&B) (Levert)
1988 Sweet Sensation (#4 R&B) (Levert)
1988 That's What Love Is (#4 R&B) (with Miki Howard)
1988 Addicted to You (#1 R&B) (Levert)
1988 Pull Over (#2 R&B) (Levert)
1989 Just Coolin' (#1 R&B) (Levert with Heavy D)
1989 Gotta Get The Money (#4 R&B) (Levert)
1990 Rope A Dope Style (#7 R&B) (Levert)
1990 All Season (#4 R&B) (Levert)
1991 Baby I'm Ready (#1 R&B) (Levert)
1991 Private Line (#1 R&B)
1992 Baby Hold On To Me (#1 R&B, #37 Pop) (with Eddie Levert)
1992 School Me (#3 Pop)
1992 Can You Handle It (#9 R&B)
1993 abc-123 (#5 R&B) (Levert)
1994 I'd Give Anything (#4 R&B, #28 Pop)
1995 Answering Service (#12 R&B)
1995 Can't Help Myself (#17 R&B)
1995 How Many Times (#55 R&B)
1995 Already Missing You (#7 R&B, #75 Pop) (with Eddie Levert)
1996 Wind Beneath My Wings (#30 R&B) (with Eddie Levert)
1997 My Body (#1 R&B, #4 Pop) (LSG)
1998 Thinkin' Bout It (#2 R&B, #12 Pop)
1999 Taking Everything (#3 R&B, #11 Pop)
1999 Nothin' to Somethin' (#55 R&B)
2000 Baby U Are (#31 R&B, #89 Pop)
2000 Mr. Too Damn Good (#20 R&B, #76 Pop)
2000 Dream With No Love (#84 R&B)
2001 Made To Love Ya (#37 R&B)
2002 Funny (#37 R&B)
2002 What Makes It Good To You (No Premature Lovin') (#66 R&B)
2003 Closure (#57 R&B)
2004 One Million Times (#56 R&B)
2004 U Got That Love (Call It A Night) (#30 R&B)
2004 Wear It Out (#58 R&B)
2005 So What (If You Got A Baby) (#49 R&B)
2007 In My Songs (#28 R&B)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RIP: Tribute to Chris Benoit


Chris Benoit:

Christopher Michael Benoit (May 21, 1967 – June 25, 2007) was a Canadian professional wrestler who performed in Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

On June 25, 2007, Benoit was found dead in his home in Atlanta, Georgia, along with his wife, Nancy Daus, and his 7-year old son, Daniel

On June 25, 2007, Benoit, his wife Nancy Daus, and their son Daniel were found dead in their Atlanta, Georgia, home at around 2:30 PM EDT.[83] It was first reported to fans of WWE on their WWE Mobile Alerts Service and posted to their official website soon after. Exact details are not yet known, and an investigation is ongoing.[2] On their website, World Wrestling Entertainment released the following statement[84]:

“ World Wrestling Entertainment is deeply saddened to report that today Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home. There are no further details at this time, other than the Benoit family residence is currently being investigated by local authorities.

Tonight’s Raw on USA Network will serve as a tribute to Chris Benoit and his family. WWE extends its sincerest thoughts and prayers to the Benoit family’s relatives and loved ones in this time of tragedy.

WWE canceled the scheduled three hour long live RAW show on June 25, and replaced the broadcast version with a tribute to his life and career, featuring his past matches, segments from the Hard Knocks DVD and comments from wrestlers and announcers.
Fayette County, Georgia police are investigating Benoit's house following the discovery of the bodies. Lieutenant Tommy Pope of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department reported to ABC News that sheriffs entered his home on a "welfare check" after missing several appointments, leading to concerns. Pope also stated the police are not searching for any suspects outside of the house, as the instruments of death were located at scene of the crime.

The same day Detective Bo Turner of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department told television station WAGA-TV that the case was being treated as a murder-suicide, and the station reported that investigators believe that Benoit murdered his wife and son over the weekend and commited suicide sometime on Monday.

Let us keep a two minute silence for the death of a warrior